Air Conditioning Service

At Ice Cube Refrigeration we place great emphasis on providing quality work at affordable prices. We deliver the most efficient results, whether it’s indoors, outdoors, home or business we offer you a customized solution to meet your necessities and requirements

Our goal is to supply, Install, service and repair to all residential and commercial air conditioning systems that will give our clients excellent air quality and comfort. We also pay great attention to aesthetically keeping within the decor for all residential and commercial or industrial settings.

Hearing noises? Not getting the coolest air from your system?

Is your air conditioner noisy? Does your air conditioner rattle or gasp? does your air conditioner struggles to cool or heat your home when you need it most? Does your air conditioner just cut suddenly? No explanation, no warning or does your air conditioner just has a weird smell and high energy bill? 

All of which can be fixed, sometimes it‘s not one of the above faults. Usually it is one small component in the fridge that has gone wrong. The rest of the appliance is fine. We are experts at finding the problem part quickly and installing a replacement part to get your refrigerator back up and running in no time. If you are experiencing problems with your fridge, refrigerator, cold room, freezer rooms, ice machines, call us now 079 278 5322 or schedule an appointment

What to do next when looking to repair an air conditioning system?

Ice Cube Refrigeration can arrange a suitable date for a repairs assessment, as our technicians will diagnose the fault onsite at a time that suits you. If it’s a simple issue or we already have the part our repair professionals provide a straightforward quote, fixing the problem then and there. Call our team here at Ice Cube Refrigeration today.

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