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What is repair solution plan?

It is a convenient way of a customer in having to repair their appliances when they break in a normal operation of a residence home when they are unable to make a once off payment for the service and can make monthly payments. Giving you peace of mind and the hassle of finding reliable repair technician


Which type of appliance can be under the repair solution plan?

Any white appliance such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers and air conditioners, are covered on this plan


How long can the warranty cover my appliances?

Depends which plan you choose. 2 options under both standard and advanced packages.


Is there a waiting period ?

We have a waiting period of 3 months, to avoid appliances that are not working end up being covered under the plan.


Why a technician needs to come assess the appliances before the cover?

To make sure that the appliance are in normal working operation before a service plan is taken out.


What happens if I relocate and my appliance breaks and I am already covered?

Inform us when you are relocating, but the cover stays the same, it will not affect you in anyway provided that the appliance to be repaired is caused by normal operation conditions as per contract agreement.


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